Mission Statement

Our mission is to glorify God by empowering families and equipping students with a strong educational foundation that will enable them to become more focused and better prepared to achieve long-term success.

Our Core Values


We believe that all people have been created with dignity, value and worth and should be treated accordingly. Your child is uniquely gifted and wired in a way that is comparable to no one else. We want to harness those strengths and propel them to achieve success.


Your child’s success is interconnected. As parents our role is to guide them through this educational journey. When you’re aware of what’s going on child you are in stronger position to help your child at home. We believe that parents play an integral role in the academic success of their children and we partner with them to achieve that end. In addition, our coaches stay in communication with your child’s teacher so they can know what’s going on with your child.


Ultimately we want your child to lead themselves. Wouldn’t it be nice if they automatically knew what they needed to do academically at any given time? We recognize that our coaches are character role models and mentors and they conduct themselves so that our students are positively impacted.


We pursue excellence in everything we do. Our coaches have a vested interest in education and pull from their experience in the classroom that they integrate into your child’s coaching sessions. That is the reason why we are so committed to the success of your child. It’s not merely about transferring knowledge. Rather, we want to develop the whole child. Simply knowing the content isn’t enough!


This isn’t merely a job for us. Your child is going on a path that can’t be compared with anyone else. We are committed to the success of our students and will do what in the best interest of their academic success.


We believe in inspiring our students to become lifelong learners so they never stop growing. The only way to get better is to grow. As the saying goes, “Leaders are readers.” We want your child to develop a thirst for knowledge that can’t be satisfied by mere obtaining a degree or diploma. When your child has the foundational tools to learn anything, they can ultimately transfer these skills into any area they put their mind to.


We are called to be servants to those who are in need. We know that your time and money are an investment where you want a positive ROI. Everything we do is created to maximize results not only in the coaching session but also after your coach leaves for the week. Your child will be able to keep sustained results through implementation of the recommendations provided by your coach. We are here to serve you!