Why You Can Trust Noggin, Our Values

At Noggin we go beyond traditional tutoring which usually focuses only on subject mastery. We focus on the whole student by helping them develop problem solving skills, time and resource management, study skills, and effective test taking strategies. Our goal is to build foundational tools that enable our students to achieve success in school and increase college and career readiness.

Lead educational coach, David Bailey, is an experienced mathematics educator with 10 years of classroom teaching experience He has over 20 years of private educational coaching experience in various subjects ranging from primary level through graduate school. He facilitates study skills workshops and test prep courses for various organizations across the DFW metroplex. David has a BA in Economics and Business from the University of Pittsburgh and a Masters of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Empowering parents

You are kept abreast of the academic progress of your child. An oral and written update is provided to you. In addition, your coach provides you with practical tools that can be immediately applied to help your child throughout the week. We empower parents to partner with their child and build stronger relationships that lead to greater academic awareness that drives student success.

Equipping Students

When it’s all said and done, you want your child to learn more, study efficiently, and get organized. When your child begins to apply the strategies and grow in knowledge, they have a recipe for academic success.

We take time to understand your child’s needs. Then we incorporate specific strategies based on an agreed gameplan to maximize their learning. Study skills are incorporated into each session. This will enable them to learn efficiently in the classroom and retain more information. Since our coaches all have classroom teaching experience, they incorporate their expertise into each session to help your child reach maximize their potential.